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I have currently grown two orange/tangerine seeds in a 6″ pot into small sprouts about 2″, but it’s been about 2 months and they have basically stopped growing (but they are still alive and look healthy.) What can I do to get them more light and warmth even though it’s winter? Will regular lights work as well as sunlight for photosynthesis or is it the wrong wavelength? I don’t want to buy any specialized lamps or bulbs for them.
What should I do to keep them warm? Will keeping them in an airtight container help keep heat in? Should I blow in it to add moisture and CO2?
I am also planning on growing a mango pit that I got out of a mango from the grocery store, but I think I will wait for spring. Any tips for that too?
Mainly I just want to know if it’s possible to have warm-climate plants thrive in a house at 20 degrees C, or should I basically just rip them out and wait until spring?
When the oranges came up they had 2 shoots and I cut one off… is that y they stop growin

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i want a book that tells me how to grow fruites and vegetables. and even talk about how much light, water each fruites and vegetables need. even the length of their roots and everthing. if the book has pictures, then it will be a plus.

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